Why Us

Tailored design for our customers. SensorMedia offers the best in class consulting and support to optimize and digitalize the in-store customer journey.

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Never miss an opportunity to reach a customer with our SmartCircle™ on-screen advertising and customer metrics.

With potentially less in-person support in stores, our SmartCircle™ technology and SensorMedia’s support to store management virtually acts as each store’s own sales and marketing assistant. Never miss an opportunity to reach a customer with our SmartCircle™ on-screen advertising and customer metrics.

Our Mission

We empower Marketing and IT decision makers at electronics and wireless retailers around the world by digitalizing and creating business intelligence at their stores.

Our customers The world’s leading Telcos trust in us

Our History

SensorMedia began its journey almost 10 years ago in the Digital Retail Store Strategy space. We own a patented solution for managing mobile devices in cell phone stores. Take a look at the turning points throughout our history that have made us the best scalable solution for making your cell phone store digital and smarter today.

SensorMedia throughout the years


We patented the first alarm on devices.


We introduced our first solution to monitor the charging levels of the smartphones as well as measure customer interactions.


This marked the year we incorporated digital signage on smartphones.


We launched the technology that promoted interactions between Smartphone, Tablet or TV as a software based solution.


First solution to display prices live on a variety of devices.


We promoted a method of saving energy and increasing device lifespan by only having devices powered on during operating hours of stores.


We introduced our planogram compliance feature which is still highly valued today by trade marketers across the globe.


Launched wiper service which allows stores to wipe devices after use by customers in store.


Added a guarantee to our planogram feature and the ability to do so without the involvement of head office.


SmartCircle™ available for download on Huawei’s Gallery App store.